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Sugarman World Enterprises is under the direction of CEO David Sugarman and offers services in the areas of management consulting, project management, investor relations, political activism, marketing/promotions and more.



Welcome to the Sugarman World Enterprises. Led by the David Sugarman who is a management consultant, political activist, and CEO of Sugarman World Enterprises.


Meet David Sugarman


David Sugarman’s expansion of services opened Sugarman World Enterprises in 2012. As part of this expansion, Sugarman and his team took on projects in the political arena, investor relations, marketing and promotions and much more. Additionally, Sugarman still maintains SugarTime The Agency.

Established in October 2010 with departments focused on asset management, SugarTime officially expanded to a sports agency with Sugarman’s NBPA and FIBA agent certification in November 2011. Fueled by Sugarman’s boundless motivation and supported by his extensive networks, SugarTime quickly ascended the ranks to emerge as an elite agency. As a testament to his work, the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce honored SugarTime as 2012’s Small Business of the Year. Sugarman’s philosophy focuses on discovering young talents, helping them maximize their potential on the field or court, and securing financial futures for both the players and their families. By personally working with athletes from recruitment through retirement, Sugarman tailors his guidance to their specific goals to achieve lifelong success.

In 1997 Sugarman began his career in the financial services industry in New York City. His attitude and economic-genius propelled him to positions such as a Vice President of Deutsche Bank, Managing Director of Laidlaw UK Sports and Entertainment Group, and most recently a Vice President of Merrill Lynch. After years of watching clients not receive the tailored attention they both deserved and required, Sugarman knew he had an obligation to serve them better. With that goal in mind, SugarTime, Inc. was established.

His philanthropic recognitions include, but are not limited to: a General Member to the Miami Children’s Hospital Diamond Society, a member of the Chairman’s Circle for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, and Co-Chair of Founders of Mt. Sinai Medical Center Foundation.



About us

Sugarman World Enterprises, driven by the passions and interests of David Sugarman, offers clients a variety of services. Calling upon the expertise of his associates, Sugarman is able to offer services in political activism, management consulting, political activism and sports management/agency.



David Sugarman, CEO of Sugarman World Enterprises, consults on projects with companies that range from technology, travel and tourism, commercial real estate, entertainment, sports, holistic medicine and much more.

Political Activist

David Sugarman launched into the political/social activism spotlight in 2013 after he launched the #BringBaeBack campaign to raise awareness for American Kenneth Bae, currently imprisoned in North Korea.

Management Consulting

Created in October 2010, SugarTime, Inc. offers clients the full services of a top-tier agency and the additional resources of a management firm.

Project Management

Sugarman World Enterprises takes on projects with organizations in need of strategic support in the areas of investment relations, media relations, social media, branding, marketing and more.



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Gandhi



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